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“What you see is what you get.” We asked multiple individuals who personally know Former DA Nico LaHood their opinion of who he really is. What kind of man do you want in your corner? Get to know the man behind the name.

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  • Tough Attorneys
    Loyal and tough attorneys will fight for you.
  • Passion without process will destroy you. Timing is everything.
    When I started with this office, my standards and expectations were high, and circumstances were serious. I had interviewed at least 10 local prominent criminal defense law firms, and ultimately selected two different attorneys at different times throughout my case with “decades of criminal defense experience and knowledge” only to end up in contact with this truly professional office, more specifically Jay Norton, who has proven to possess the experience and knowledge he claims. Credentials and advertising are one thing, but true experience, statistics, and performance are another. This is a rare firm in that it has assembled and formed a powerful and diligent team of the best experts who work with you one-on-one throughout your case and the entire process from beginning to end. What’s amazing about Jay is he listened, was receptive, and made me a part of the team in my own defense, while making my needs and best interests the number one priority. The entire process was handled with the same professional attention to detail as the very first consultation. The firm and Jay are both highly regarded as being the best throughout the state and beyond, and it’s no wonder why. If I could leave an analogy for folks to consider. Imagine your case and circumstances as a terminal illness diagnosis for you or a loved one, and the type of Doctors or medical professionals you would want and need to assist with that treatment. Ultimately you want and need the best Doctor(s) to increase the chances of survival and best possible outcome for that illness. This is that firm of “Doctors” and Jay is the real deal. Your best chance of survival while facing criminal allegations is contained within the minds and experience of this office. I can’t express enough gratitude or satisfaction to the LaHood Norton Law Group most importantly Jay Norton, for the services I’ve personally and directly received while being professionally represented by the best law firm possible. Biggest thanks to Jay Norton and the entire LaHood Norton Law Group!

    - Thankful Client

  • Helped Me Beyond My Expectation

    LaHood Norton helped me beyond my expectation and was able to not just provide me with vital information but actually use every bit of their power to fight for me. I’m forever thankful for the LaHood Norton Staff in fully taking care of me with such professional and GENUINE care. Jason, of course I would like to thank for being there every step of the way. I couldn’t ask for a better team.

    - Trevor

    Categories: Jason Goss, LaHood Norton Law Group
  • Best Lawyer in San Antonio Area
    Mr. Norton pulled off a miracle for me and saved me from a long prison sentence. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer to defend them in the federal legal system. I couldn't have asked for more from Mr. Norton. He is a true professional and will treat you with the utmost respect and will not mislead you. I would like to thank Mr. Norton for giving me my freedom back.

    - Keith

    Categories: Jay S. Norton
  • Smart & Experienced
    Smart, experienced and will always look out for your best interest!

    - Eliot G.

    Categories: LaHood Norton Law Group